22 December 2005

La casa nueva. In a few weeks, this will be home! Feel free to drop by (and help unpack). Posted by Picasa

Emma had a supporting role in this year's church Christmas play - the cow at the manger. Meg made the costume! Great job, huh?  Posted by Picasa

Curtain call for the livestock. Emma nailed her line perfectly: "Moo". She occasionally nailed Jenna's line perfectly as well: "Baaa". Most of the time, she sort of made up her own lines: "Moo-baaahh!" Posted by Picasa


If you've stumbled upon our lowly blog, Christmas greetings to you! This is Emma's first Christmas, and we're doing everything we can to make it special. Kinda tough when you're moving five days after Christmas! But we do have a tree (3' artificial) and lots of presents and music (Harry Connick Jr, "When My Heart Finds Christmas"). We even managed to squeak out a role for little Emma in the children's church Christmas play (see photos). Meg, despite her busyness, has managed to bake dozens of "bizcochitos" - some New Mexican Christmas cookie made with lard (yes, lard) and anise (yes, anise.) Bizcochitos is Spanish for "what the heck do we make out of the leftover lard and anise?" But don't be fooled - they're surprisingly DELICIOUS!!

07 December 2005

Our future church home. Posted by Picasa

Texarkana, AR/TX. (Yes, both.) As you can see, I'm standing on the stateline. This town will be home in just a few weeks! Posted by Picasa