10 October 2009

In the light...

I'm sitting for a moment in the dining room. The sound of the dishwasher is a blissful noise at the moment - last night we lost our water - today it was restored. For that I am beyond thankful. Jojo is asleep, I can hear her music softly in the background. Brad took Emmi out for a bit to run to Wal-mart - I escaped that tragedy!

BUT as I am sitting here I noticed something, and HAD to just write about it. The light coming in through the sun-room windows is hitting the leaves of a wreath I made. As it glows through I am instantly brought back to some of the most blissful memories of m childhood. Even in College light had a way of calming and soothing me. Not just the hard bright summer light. I don't care for that at all. But the dabbled glow of early fall, when the breezes start swaying the treas and the light flickers.

The light is golden. That I believe, is my favorite thing about home, about Taos, about Kentucky. And, about this moment in my sun-room. I realized when I saw it that it caught me unaware. I haven't seen the light in so long. It's like a long lost friend, when you see them again, you are so surprised. They have changed but you instantly remember all about them. That's what the light is.

I remember laying on the floor as a child, in the square panes of light and dark as the window was etched into the carpet. I remember sitting and writing through countless journals in the library, or outside of in , in Lexington. How about those days as a small girl, laying on the couch looking out the door to the back porch as the light flickered. Listening to the sound of Mom vacuuming as I looked at my never ending pile of library books.

We have lived in Louisiana for almost two years now. But I don't remember ever seeing the light here before. I am glad it has caught up to me. I miss it so! I think that there must be a certain dryness in the air for it to happen, a bit of crisp autumn edge that allows the light to sparkle as it comes through the leaves. Nearly always a breeze is involved. I don't want to analyze it too deeply, because there is some magic to it, I think I want to leave it that way.

A light of memories, and of moments caught unaware. My dream? To someday have a home that regularly has light visit it. Not just the overhead light of bright bulbs, but this graceful magic. The bedroom that is awash in calm dreams and the sun-room waiting for a book or project to begin. Well, for now I am happy just to say hello old friend. Welcome to my home.

Please feel free to stay a while. May I just sit and be with you?

07 October 2009