21 February 2006

The church recently hosted a welcome reception for us. If you can't read the cake, it says "Welcome Brad, Meg and Emma. You are the most wonderful family in the world, and we cannot imagine life without you. You make the sun shine brighter, the grass grow greener. Our church was not really a church until you came along. Please never leave us, or we'll close the doors and call it quits. By the way, we're doubling your pay."

Nice folks, huh?Posted by Picasa

Another great visit with Uncle Chris and Aunt Laura. Lovely home. Lovely couple. No broken plates this time, thankfully. We love you guys! Posted by Picasa

Meg, in one of her finer moments. Note the way her right eye juts off to the left, whilst the left eye looks forward. She learned this during her days as a carnie.  Posted by Picasa

20 February 2006

Top view of tables. Not too bad, eh? Posted by Picasa

Chris and Laura, our friends in central KY, had this gorgeous Shaker bed custom made. I made the two side tables - in exchange for an awesome painting. Posted by Picasa

Try not to lust. I mean, it's no sports car. But it's black and fast. Think of it as a family car for the Mafia. (Room for 5 plus bodies in the back.) Posted by Picasa

Ok, so we got new wheels! 2002 Volvo V70 wagon. WE LOVE IT! It's a crazy story....but God totally provided above and beyond what we need! After a week of stress, fear, frustration, seeking, calling, watching classifieds, stress, etc.....after we had exhausted our resources, God completely delivered on His promise to meet every need. We bought this on eBay and flew to upstate NY to pick it up. As it turned out, we needed to be in WV that very same weekend for a very important meeting! We flew to Albany on Saturday, picked the car up on Saturday night, and drove to WV for our meeting. On Monday we drove to our friends in central KY, then home to Texas. Over 1,000 miles in great style and comfort! Posted by Picasa

08 February 2006


Turns out it was cheaper to shoot the thing.

Cost of new transmission: $2300
Value of our car: $2500
Letting go and trusting God for something else: priceless.

So we found something else on Ebay. (Yes, I'm serious.) An '02 Volvo wagon - how cool is that! So we bought it. Turns out it's in upstate New York, but the price made it waaaay worth it! Road trip, anyone?