10 March 2006

S-l-o-w-l-y a picture of order emerged. Somewhere in this mess a kitchen awaits.  Posted by Picasa

Ok, so I'm hacking away at some wire for my oven - a big, fat 220-volt triple-stranded cable. The stuff that pros cut with a hacksaw. And wouldn't you know it, my knee jumped in front of my knife! No lie. At first I thought I had just knicked my pants, but as a stream of blood oozed down my shinbone I sensed that perhaps more than brown denim had suffered. I looked, and my suspicions were confirmed. The skin and underlying tissue had split open like a rotten banana, and I could see the patela (knee cap) and various muscles slishing around underneath. When I flexed my leg, I could here a squishing sound as the subcutaneous fluid forced air out. It was - by far - the coolest thing that happened that day. And four stitches, too! Feel my pain! Posted by Picasa

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04 March 2006

Update in the Easley house!

So we are many days behind on blogging. We are having technical problems with our cable line! It is on, off, on, off, on and off again. Made worse by the fact that our phone goes through the modem, we are off line and out of touch! Sorry to all who have tried and not been able to get through. The IT guys from the cable company can not seem to get it together enough to fix the problem. GRRRrrrrr... Oh well! We will take what we can get and hopefully they will fix it this next week!

What's been going on in our lives? Well it seems that we are into more self punishment (remember recent events like, oh say, the move, buying the house, the sewer, the car, buying a car - flying across country to get said car) we have decided to renovate our new kitchen into a newer kitchen.

I thought that we should apprise you of our on goings. Tough. That's about it! We actually ordered the cabinets for the kitchen the morning (4 hours before actually) that the old car died. Probably wouldn't have ordered those cabinets had we known! But once ordered we are committed - in a way I (Meg) am sure glad!

I have a number of photos to post - but a warning, a few are of a graphic nature. Meg's head and heart will never be the same.

Thanks for reading our humble little blog. Our life is open to your comments!

House events, Day one….

Brad and I got a little excited about tearing out cabinets. We decimated one side in about an hour and a half. Unfortunately Meg had quite a fright as a long passed friend found it’s way onto her head and into her hair as they took down the upper cabinets!

Here are the before pics....

Wow. The ol' green has got to go!!!

Oops, sorry it's sideways, too late to change that. But here is the first day of decimation!

The Fright.

To say this upset Meg would be misleading. No, more like traumatized. As we took down the last cabinet, who had been living long ago up there? Brad did point out that this was a thirty year old house. See why I wanted a new kitchen? I ran outside shaking my head and yelping. I am sure the neighbors don't know what to think about the Easleys! Sewer issues, tons of trash, and run around the driveway screaming. Hmmmm.... You would have screamed too if this fell in your hair!

Into the project…

A bit smarter and more wary, Meg let the guys come and help out with the rest of the cabinets and the wall. I did take apart a few outlet covers but mostly stayed out of the way. When you have friendly free helpers – let them at it!

End of a long long day!

Oops these are backward. Oh well. As you can see the wall is gone - only studs left!
The guys worked so hard!

What a mess!

Look at the mess! I don't know if the trash guys are going to like us!

And we are still prepping food and eating - where? :) What fun!

No walls!

Look! No walls! All the walls between the kitchen and living rooms are gone! YEAH!!

Coming along!

Today Brad and I prepped the walls and painted. We actually got most of the upper cabinets hung! YEAH! Looks great. Emma is being such a trooper – she hasn’t gotten into anything she isn’t supposed to – good thing. It’s hard to find a place high above a three year-olds reach in this mess!

I should have taken a few more pics tonight. It was our Pastor’s birthday and we had them (Tim and Vicky) stop by with another sweet sweet couple (Ronnie and Suzanne) for coffee – they even brought a Chocolate Cream pie! WOW. Anyway, thought those of you who know how much we love to entertain would laugh that even in the midst of our mess we loved having fellowship and friends in our home. Thank you Jesus for giving us a place where people can come! May our house be a house of peace and inviting for those in need! Here are a few pics of how it looks tonight!

Tonight! Most recent pics....

A little earlier. The darker paint is the primer.

Looking good! The only cabinet left on the upper side here is above the fridge!
Brad is doing a GREAT job! I have a jewel of a husband!!!!