24 September 2006

Not-so-tall, after all.... Posted by Picasa

At the Dallas Museum of Science, Emma we discover that even science can be fun. Unlike math. Math probably never will be fun. Posted by Picasa

Little Emmi turned four this weekend! After blowing out the candles on he rbirthday muffin, she gleefully unwraps each gift - cowboy outfit, ballerina outfit, books, and a toy camera.  Posted by Picasa

Yippee kay yay yeah, get along little doggies.......... Posted by Picasa

16 September 2006

Panorama of the tea party. Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #6: Our kitchen is finally done, just in time for Meg to host a ladies' tea for the church. The table is a Shaker Harvest table, made by a furniture maker in Kentucky.  Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #5: Kerry Leigh Brooks, the one-and-only. Her wedding was in Jackson in June, and it was really amazing! Glad to be a part of it. Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #4: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: $6.50. Ten days with awesome friends and family at Indian Springs Camp: Priceless! We rocked the Glen Tab for the third year in a row, got promoted from a single wide trailer to a real cottage (read:ghetto shanty), and dragged our friends Chris and Laura along for the ride. Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #3: Our garden. What can I say? It did well in April through June (as you can tell by the chest-high cherry toms), but by mide June, it died. Why does Texas have to be so insanely hot? I mean, its fry-an-egg-on-the-pavement hot. I think this place gives hell a run for its money. Suffice it to say, after a $140 water bill, I gave up trying to coax the plants along. Today, it looks like I'm growing tumbleweeds.  Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #2: Discovery of easy-to-make PadThai. I think we've had it nine times so far. And Brad has made it everytime. Dee-lish! Thanks, Thailand! Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #1: So we finally had Darcy bred. All in all, not a bad experience (the breeding part, I mean). Jed was tall and dark and handsome, and make quick work of doing his studly deed. After 63-ish days, the pups arrived, and thus began 13 weeks of absolute hell. Cute and adorable, yes. But impossible to sell. Let's just say all pride was stripped away by week 13. Imagine B, M and E parked in front of Walmart with a crate and a sign. I feel your pity. Thank you.  Posted by Picasa

Easley Park

Did I say soon? So I lied. What can I say - either life is way too boring to chronicle, or way to busy. Which one? Depends on the day. Okay, since I have nothing else to do but watch reruns of "House MD" or "Law and Order", and the sweetwife is out-of-towning, here goes....