15 July 2005

A horse and his girl.  Posted by Picasa

At Kid's Fest (a multichurch outreach in our town), Emma has her first horse ride! No fear, this child. Not one ounce. Posted by Picasa

Emma and Jenna, the 20-lb tornada. They're best of friends at church. Posted by Picasa

14 July 2005

You are now entering the ToddlerZone....nananana nananana. Don't say we didn't warn you. Posted by Picasa

During croquet on the lawn, she never was satisifed to be the green ball. Or the red one, or black, or yellow, or even blue. She had to be every single one. But the stinker has a good swing.  Posted by Picasa

The Fourth of July at Mr. Mick and Mammy Fay's proved too much a delight. Hamburgers, watermelon, croquet. And, of course, chocolate chip cookies.  Posted by Picasa

02 July 2005

Range of Emotions...

As of late, Emma has been playing with her "range of facial emotions". A mostly adorable pass time as mum looks on and laughs. Although we had a most uncomfortable encounter the other day.

As we pulled up (in the buggy) to the cashier, Emma (her usual cheery self)announces her name and says hello. The lady behind the register is (of course) drawn in by this adorable happy little munchkin and begins a toddler based conversation.

But suddenly Emma is distracted and looks away, only to remember the "range of emotions game" and to look back at the lady (within just a few seconds) with the scrunched up nose look. One that I am sure she does not know makes her look like she is smelling a dead fish - she thinks it is cute and attractive.


The lady is quite taken aback at this child suddenly making odd faces and then proceeding to make odd noises. Suddenly Emma is not as enjoyable. Mum tries valiantly to ignore all of this and pay so they can be on their way.

Of course, within a few moments Emma is back to her smiling face and looks at the Lady and announces herself again. "Hello, I Emma". (Do you remember the fish, Dori, in Finding Nemo?) Then smiles and tries to charm.

But now the Lady is watchful and not as engaging thus frustrating Emma. So she just gets louder, "Hi, I Emma". I quickly pay and drive my buggy off. Only to have Emma SCREAM "HELLO, I EMMA" as we run out of the store...

The adventures of Mummiehood....