03 October 2006

And this is the house that I (Meg) grew up in. Very sad, my parents are moving into a new house and this one will be destroyed for future development of a resort this week. I meant to take more pics of the outside front but only got the back. Please excuse the mess! As I said they are in the process of moving. I flew out to New Mexico (Taos) for a week before Emma�s birthday. I was helping pack and sort through a hundred years of Boyer memories. Luckily most of those aren�t mine (great grandparents, grandparents�.) and so I was less likely to try to keep everything I came across. Although some things were family treasures! But just how many family treasures is a good thing? Here are some pics of the mess we were trying to go through!
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This is my father standing in the �Sun room� (It was never sunny in there, so WHY did we call it that? More like a small landing room for the stairs!) Going through junk.
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We discovered my brother had been using the under-the-stairs secret room as a gathering place for all his toys he outgrew. Unfortunately we discovered this AFTER he left to go back to college. Quite unfortunately I might add. I had to sift though his refuse and try to decide what might mean something to him in the years ahead.

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Success! After several hours of hard work it is cleaned out! It was fun to play in there when we were young!
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My little walk in closet had this tiny window. After my parents remodeled the house in the mid 1990's this was one of the only old windows left in. Probably because of the odd size. I loved the light coming through here in the mornings! I will miss you little window! OH! Historical note, many houses built around this time period, early 1900�s, don�t have many walk in closets. That�s because you were taxed on how many rooms you had in your house. And a closet with a door was considered a room. My bedroom was the original master bedroom and so it had a closet. After remodeling my parents put in two closets upstairs, but my poor brother always had to use an armoire.
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02 October 2006

Upstairs. I love the blue sky!  Posted by Picasa

This is the outside back of the house, kitchen entrance. Notice my parents� green thumb even in the midst of moving! Their geraniums are bigger than any I have ever seen. I don�t have a picture of one in the house, but it is truly more like a small tree than any geranium I have ever had!
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Back Gate. Posted by Picasa

There were several �sheds� or small �barns� throughout the family property. Dad and I were working through one called the �armory�. The boxes behind him had been packed in 1952 and never touched after that! Many contained tea sets from my grandmother wrapped in 1950 newspapers! Interesting except for the 50 years of dust and such - many generations of spiders lived here. Posted by Picasa

More of the Armory - and this is after dad had already cleaned most of it out!  Posted by Picasa

This is me working through an old trunk of my father and his sister�s baby clothes! They just don�t make such detailed clothes these days! They were so sweet. And in great condition! By the way I am wearing 5 layers of clothing - look like it too! Tee-shirt, polo, lime colored polarfleece jacket, jean work shirt of my fathers - oh wait in this picture I had taken off the gray sweatshirt and carhart vest I had on earlier in the day. I froze all day! And this is August in Taos. My blood has thinned says my father. Naaa, just need more chili. Don't forget to bring me some when you come out, Daddy! I forgot to buy some! RED! :)
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I think I have grown a bit since being a baby in this bassinet. Reportedly this held my father, my aunt, me, and my brother Miles. Looks like it needs to go on to a better place now now, but my mother decided that she is still attached. Ahhhh��

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01 October 2006

I grew up in this house in central Indiana. I don't think it looked quite so grand as what the new owners - insurance agency - has done with the place.  Posted by Picasa

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Our home remodel is moving along. Thanks to a turn of fate our old white d/w was replaced (free of charge) with a new black. And draperies, courtesy of Miss Millie's seamstress skills. Posted by Picasa

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24 September 2006

Not-so-tall, after all.... Posted by Picasa

At the Dallas Museum of Science, Emma we discover that even science can be fun. Unlike math. Math probably never will be fun. Posted by Picasa

Little Emmi turned four this weekend! After blowing out the candles on he rbirthday muffin, she gleefully unwraps each gift - cowboy outfit, ballerina outfit, books, and a toy camera.  Posted by Picasa

Yippee kay yay yeah, get along little doggies.......... Posted by Picasa

16 September 2006

Panorama of the tea party. Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #6: Our kitchen is finally done, just in time for Meg to host a ladies' tea for the church. The table is a Shaker Harvest table, made by a furniture maker in Kentucky.  Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #5: Kerry Leigh Brooks, the one-and-only. Her wedding was in Jackson in June, and it was really amazing! Glad to be a part of it. Posted by Picasa

Summer happening #4: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: $6.50. Ten days with awesome friends and family at Indian Springs Camp: Priceless! We rocked the Glen Tab for the third year in a row, got promoted from a single wide trailer to a real cottage (read:ghetto shanty), and dragged our friends Chris and Laura along for the ride. Posted by Picasa