30 November 2012

Naps, toddlers, and a parental reprieve...

I've tucked my bitty girl back in for nap time multiple times now.  I love that little stinker! I think she's finally relaxed and is nearing sleep.  I wish I could relax!  I sometimes wish I could read her mind as well.  Children are like little puzzles - a temper-tantrum isn't alway {perhaps never really is?} fully JUST acting out.  

I believe that most of the time it's a silent message.   My girls seem to react negatively in predictable patterns.  Many have to do with me.  {No pressure there!!}  If I'm short, grouchy, "pmsy", tired, irritated, or overall not smooth and gentle than they are more likely to be sensitive and emotional.  They feed off of us!  So, if I am doing well and they are still sensitive - well, I've still found it to be more than just a case of the crankes.  

Then, this afternoon, I found this poster!  It's amazing!  Perhaps it slightly over simplifies our kids.  BUT as a whole it's a good reminder that there is more going on than meets the eye.  I know that with both my girls - but sometimes I need a reminder. 

For your intellectual and viewing enjoyment: {Isn't it beautiful as well!!}

{You may need to "click" on it to be able to see the full width}