30 January 2007

What's new in 2007

Today I recommitted to journal. I think this time it will stick, largely because I've abandoned my nostalgic inisistence on long-hand writing, and opted for the ease and comfort of this PowerBook G4 laptop. The way I see it, when my journals became a Pulitzer prize winning book, I can pay someone with better handwriting to copy them into longhand. That will save me from years of carpel tunnel.

Along with my new commitment to journaling, I think we'll commit anew to blogging. Not so much for you (the three of you that occasionally read this), but for us. It forces us to sift through the morass of information/photos/observations/happenings that occur in our sphere of exisitence, to organize them in some tangential way ("blog-worthy" or "not-blog-worthy") and finally, to exercise some measure of communication with those around us.

Plus, blogging reminds us that a) our lives are not so boring as they seem at times, b) our lives are not nearly so chaotic as they seem at times, and c) with the right caption, anything can be made to sound interesting (just search the archives for the mouse skeleton story.)