23 June 2006


Sigh......this blog reminds me of my back yard: so long neglected that's it borders on unconquerable. I miss you, blog, and I promise we'll spend some time catching up. So many wonderful things have happened since our last time together. Lessee......Oh! We finished the kitchen (nearly), my leg healed (nearly), some dancers came to our church from Ky (very cool), our little sis got married off (barely), we hung out with some cool jr highers in oklahoma, our garden is exploding with little tomatoes (i'll bring a pic next time), darcy had puppies (still does - pics are coming, I swear), our new dining table arrived just in time, and lots more happenings. If it wasn't after midnight I'd share them all. But I'll be back soon, I promise.


she's only barely married? Hmmm...I thought it was an all or none kinda thing. Good to see you on again. Miss you!

And it's about time you showed up!
And what's this "barely" stuff about anyway?

And, yes, we need to see some pictures! So hurry!

Glad to see you're all settled in! WOW! You guys really had a chore when you got there, but it looks FANTASTIC! You chronicle of settling in sounds like something right out a fountier missionary biography... if you didn't have all the pictures I'd be tempted to doubt ya for a minute! We'll be in touch. God bless!