21 February 2006

The church recently hosted a welcome reception for us. If you can't read the cake, it says "Welcome Brad, Meg and Emma. You are the most wonderful family in the world, and we cannot imagine life without you. You make the sun shine brighter, the grass grow greener. Our church was not really a church until you came along. Please never leave us, or we'll close the doors and call it quits. By the way, we're doubling your pay."

Nice folks, huh?Posted by Picasa


"..oh by the way.." WOW!! sounds like you guys have an INCREDIBLE church family there!! cant wait to visit!! love ya!

just doubling it, huh? Are you sure they like you? :) (i've met some of those fantastic people...what a blessing)

Brad you better watch out or your nose will start growing!!!

Oh sure, that's what they say now, but just wait til the honeymoon is over.