07 February 2010

Asking for prayer - seeking answers!

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to give an update as to what we have been facing the last week.  I have been praying about how open to be with the details.  BUT I feel as though some of this depends on our pushing into God will for our lives and for our family.  HE alone knows what the outcome of this will be - and GLORY will be given to him alone!

We have had such support this week.  Ray and Dianne (B's parents) have sent Dianne to stay with us.  She has cooked, cleaned, and laundered so much!  We are so very appreciate to them and to our church family who have brought us food nearly EVERY NIGHT!  Thank you!

Below is a shortened version of what is going on.  I don't share this for any reason other than to elicite prayers for God's hand to shine through in our lives! 

Brad and I were sick this past couple weeks.  Mostly i had some sort of nasty bug that went into bronchitus.  B suddenly came down with it (BAD) and ended up in the emergency room last Sunday morning.  They sent us home saying it was just the flu ("it's the flu, it's gonna hurt - take tylenol")  But Monday at three in the morning I ended up bringing him back (he couldn't breath).  Both of his lungs were 80% filled (compacted) with severe double pneumonia.  He had also begun to have septicemia. 

They rushed him into ICU and he spent three days there.  They considered him in critical condition and it was really scary.  Two days ago they finally moved him into a regular room and then did a procedure where they went in and vacuumed out the left over "pus" (the dr's word!!) out of his lungs and then took some tissue samples.  They are really concerned as to why a healthy 33 year old male would get this sick in just a few days.    His immunology numbers were so low -  a normal healthy adult is 3,000 (for referencce, an HIV patient would be 300 - 500.)  Brad comes in at 59.  Yes, 59. So basically he has NO imune system right now.  We don't know why and he tests negative to everything they have tested for.  So either this is a fluke thing or it might be something we will have some real challenges to find.  Either way, right now he has to stay on a whole bunch of med's to help him not catch everything around him.

So, where are we?  Strangly at peace!  We know that we serve a God that heals.  Our bodies are his and B has lived a life giving honor to the Lord!  We are so thankful that we know whatever is fighting his body was not brought on by his decisions!  His life really has been one searching for God and we know that the Lord will honor this!

Thank you for your prayers!

M and B E.  


Thanks for keeping us up to date. I have asked my friends and family to pray for you and Brad, and T and I will continue to do so. Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you. Love, Steph

We are so grateful that God has cared for Brad this week. We are so grateful that God has cared for Meg and the girls this week. God is good, all the time. Even, maybe especially, in valley of the shadow.
All our love,
Dad and Mum/Jeff and Ginger