03 October 2006

And this is the house that I (Meg) grew up in. Very sad, my parents are moving into a new house and this one will be destroyed for future development of a resort this week. I meant to take more pics of the outside front but only got the back. Please excuse the mess! As I said they are in the process of moving. I flew out to New Mexico (Taos) for a week before Emma�s birthday. I was helping pack and sort through a hundred years of Boyer memories. Luckily most of those aren�t mine (great grandparents, grandparents�.) and so I was less likely to try to keep everything I came across. Although some things were family treasures! But just how many family treasures is a good thing? Here are some pics of the mess we were trying to go through!
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oh meg! im gonna cry. guess everyone is moving these days...we just got a (REAL) house too!

That's a really cool house. I hate that development takes over history!