29 October 2005

Bloggers Mojo - lost or found?

OH! I lost an entire blog report! GRrrr... We were updating you as to all the events leading up to our loosing our blogging mojo, and boom - lost the entry! Very Very frustrating. But really, you don't want more of our rambles, you want pictures! So we shall add them.

Unfortunately, we have been very slack at keeping this up to date for the end of the summer going into the fall. So events as we can remember them:

A. Indian Springs - WONDERFUL! Emma loved being able to spend time with her cousins - she was not the only one as the Easley siblings enjoyed the time together too!

Pictures of Indian Springs: Emma loved going on "Frog Hunts" with her cousins! Here she and Jacob examine the days finds...

B. After we went to Indian Springs we went to go see Meg's family. Needless to say everyone enjoyed that trip! Especially Emma - the spoiled granddaughter! Uncle Miles had bought her a soccer ball and spent time outside the house goofing off!

C. After many weeks of other travels we came back home! Very good for our poor Darcy the DOG - who was quite sure we had left her for good! As the fall has progressed we have enjoyed many afternoon walks enjoying the leaves.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, as we have time we shall add more!