29 January 2010

A glimmer of light...

Meet my new best friend (also known as BFF). Who says you can't buy friends? B bought him for me yesterday. We instantly had a strong bond that quickly grew. His back and arms are strong enough to support while his gentle side keeps this in balance and his weight provides the traction our relationship needs! I am in love...

I slept until TEN this morning... Only getting up once for meds - that's a first in several weeks! YEAH! See? My new friend already paid for himself! B got up and took E to school, fed and played with J and got her down for a nap. I woke up as he was coming back to bed. He is there now - I took my BFF and went to the couch. Now I can get comfy anywhere. HAHAaaaa chest - you can't get the best of me!

Ok, so you might be thinking M has flipped. Sure - 5 weeks of illness is enough to make anyone flip. BUT at the same time she has learned many important things.

  1. Listen to your mom
  2. Listen to your dad
  3. Listen to your Mum-in-law
  4. Listen to your sis-in-law
  5. Listen to your mum
  6. Reappearance of an illness really does happen
  7. "Walking pneumonia" is real
  8. It will lower your resistance to other things - so now, a flu bug on top of other stuff is very real....
  9. i am not longer 20.
  10. This is all very sad - they were right.... I was wrong.
  11. God created Dr's. - let them help you.
  12. I will never do this again.
These thoughts led me to these newer thoughts -
  1. I have a mum, dad, and mum-in-law, and sis-in-law who were way smarter than I.
  2. I am thankful they haven't rubbed this in my very sick little face.
  3. I hope anyone reading my pathetic updates lately takes me with a BIG grain (or jar) of salt. I like to write - I like to express - I am not nearly as self indulgent (usually) as in the last number of posts...
There was a Gary Larson (The Far Side?) cartoon the I used to love. It was a cow (he loves cows) upside down in a field. Legs up in the air. The caption read "No, Really, I'm Fine". It made me laugh like crazy. I spent forever this morning on google looking for it to share with you. It isn't out there - or it was hiding from me. Regardless, it was too funny. My parents gave it to me on a mug in high school. I think part of it was that I hate being sick. I hate being hurt. SO I tend to live in denial and push forward until kicked flat. Much like the cow.

What does all this have to do with anything?

When I woke at ten this morning, I coughed (a usual 24/7 thing right now - leading to my BFF) and tada - it sounded better!!! Then I got up and tada - I feel a teeeeny weeeennie bit better!

(Shouts of excitement overcome with awe as confetti and balloons spill from the sky...)

So, my first thought was - oh goodie - I can finish the laundry today.

(Now glares of irritation and slow shaking of heads..)


I will force myself to lay here.

I hate laying.


and write.... if that keeps me laying.

and I will get well!

Because - I am no longer a Gary Larson cartoon!

Thanks Mom, Dad, Dee, and Leslie for being right in love - next time, I am setting up the dr's appt. right away!

HAHA! So, hopefully soon I will be terrorizing people in person. But today I will lay here and listen to the rain, my body gently being held by my BFF. (Which, by the way, where do you "store" one of these things when you no longer need it?) (Perhaps that's a question for another day....)


We're so sorry you're still puny -- but we are glad that you're learning the lessons we tried to instill in you in your childhood. 1) Listen to you mum. 2) Listen to your dad.
We pray for your speedy healing, and for B, and for E & J because they have to depend on you when you're puny, and we know how lovely you can be when you're puny.

By the way, have you and B read my latest long-winded post?