16 February 2010

Two weeks in a lifetime!

I have always loved to travel.

For years I hoped that God would call me (then us) to overseas missions. Young people never think of fear, death, or the effects of both. At least most don't. I didn't at all - I just wanted to follow God! I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I began discovering that for now He kept sending us to areas around the US.

Not that it isn't needed - nor is it any less important. I just wanted to raise my children overseas - in a different culture(not to worry, we have hit that several times!) and to know that they were not completely sucked into the sudo-american attack of greed and nastiness! (NOT that there is a lack of greed and nastiness other places... )

Regardless, I found joy in the current deployments (that's what it is you know...) and have loved being in different cultures in the so very different area's of the US. This being said... our stay in the hospital with Brad has changed my mind.

Home missions is GOOD.

American medical system is GOOD. (well, better than most!)

We had a lovely Dr. while in ICU. He is from Columbia (the country, not school...) and lived and worked overseas - most currently had spend four years in NYC (which after all feels like another country...) I think this lead to his great ability to think "outside the box" in treating B. He tested for many scary options to his illness, and (PRAISE GOD) found them all negative. He treated B and I as though we were old friends and his kindness was remarkable. He even called us yesterday to talk and see how B was! I pray that he finds a church home and is loved on!

During his visit's in B's hospital room he shared some stories. One of which, was the remarkable difference in health care that we have available to us versus the other posts he has been at. In one such post, we would have been allowed to put B on a gurney and set him inside the doors of the ICU, then when we brought back twenty-thousand dollars they would have begun treatment. So kind of them.... $20,000!!!! This was in a third world country...

I shutter to think what could have happened if I had pushed and had my way. To be overseas when such a medical emergency arose. No doubt God could and would take care of us. BUT how much better to know that we are in the will of God NOW and we literally drove less than a minute down the road and around one corner and we had GREAT medical care?! America is amazing! I may be paying off this bill for several lifetimes, but I have a husband and a bill. Not a gurney and a promise of help IF...

May this be a lesson to me, and to you. Find JOY in the moment! Right now, where ever you are - are you in the will of God? Have you asked, sought, and found where you are supposed to be? OR have you pushed and pulled, and finagled your way into a cozy spot of your own making? It's not worth it friends! It's not worth it! The protection of our Lord is worth a million personal satisfactions!

I have several people on my heart today, friends pushing their way through life, family seeking the next posting of the Lord (overseas!! in missions!!), and I have you on my heart. I pray that you find true JOY today! Jesus, Others, and finally Yourself!

Love you lots....