15 June 2010

Walking in Obedience.

When writing I usually start with the title = it gives me a launching point. Today I don't have a title to start with - I hope it comes as I write! I suppose that's because I don't really have a launching off point. It's been almost six months since my last update. I am surprised because it really feels like yesterday and about a year ago at the same time! Here's an update as to what has gone on for us -

1. My lungs stayed in my body - I got med's. (God is GOOD!)
2. B caught my illness (God is GOOD!)
3. He almost died. (HONEST) (God is GOOD!)
4. We accrued about a half million dollar medical bill - bills (God is GOOD!)
5. God covered it all! (see? God is GOOD!)
6. J has been sick - lot's too - (6 ear infections during these months) having tubes put in tomorrow. (God is GOOD!)
7. B and M worked threeeeee (3) full time jobs for 6 months. (God is GOOD!)
7.1 J stayed with B and M as they worked the jobs. (God is GOOD!)
7.2 J got very very tired of pack'n'plays, walkers, and high chairs. Finally she revolted. (God is GOOD!)
8. M burneed out. (God is GOOD!)
9. B got sick - again. (God is GOOD!)
10. We got him med's faster than fast. (God is GOOD!)
11. He is doing better. (God is GOOD!)

There you go. That's the summery summery - God is GOOD. E did great - considering - it was a rough semester for everyone. Especially the kids. Not having family close isn't easy during these times - Grandparents and family help to smooth lot's of hurt. Especially if your under 150 years old. Luckily for us - our family made lot's of efforts to come see us in the last couple months - like I said - that smooths lot's of hurts!

I try to stay on our family as a topic around here - no need to go into details about other stuff. We are doing lot's of praying right now. LOTS! God is so very GOOD and he never never never takes us through rough waters without a reason - perhaps it's not my reason - perhaps it's not my desire. But he didn't ask - he created me and provides for me. I wait. wait. wait. And while I wait - he provides in so many ways -

1. Friends and friends who love.
2. Friends who support and reach out.
3. Friends who DON'T attack but encourage.
4. Family who will come and hug you when you need it.
5. Friends who take a kid when you need to breath for a moment.
6. A network of friends who pray for me = us.
7. We are not alone! Regardless of what our mind may tell us - we live in a world based on TRUTH not emotions. Thank goodness! Jesus is our truth - and our rock. We cling - we wait. We ask - seek - and FIND!

J is walking - well, nearly running - she is an amazing child - all over the place and except for a moment (several weeks!!!) of major reaction to two different antibiotics and then the steroids to help that (wowowowowowow) (her dear Aunt L renamed her for that time....) she refuses to be grouchy the whole time she feelt poorly. She is honestly the most content baby I have EVER met. Lucky ME!

E is growing like a weed - went through her cloths for summer and was SHOCKED to see how much she had grown! Had to recreate a whole new wardrobe. We enjoyed that! :) Her heart toward God and others is so sweet to see taking shape. She tries so hard to not upset or do wrong - in fact, so hard that sometimes she lies to help us not get upset with her - we are working with her on that....

B is getting well - again. Worried me (until God reminded me NOT to do that!) that he would get bronchitis again so soon after his last illness. The dr's took it VERY seriously and immediately put him on heavy med's to knock it out of the park! It seems to be working!!! He is busy praying and planning - and seeking God's wisdom.

SIDENOTE - Are we not glad that we don't have to seek our own wisdom and that age has NOTHING to do with that? Now, if we are wise, we will accrue wisdom as we grow - but there are plenty of people who seem to have FORGOTTEN to do that as they aged. Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with age - and it's so sad. God wants us to learn as we grow - and if we as (30 somethings) can realize we have LOT'S of growing to do - than why can't those physically older than us have already realized that they are still growing too? The bible says not to despise our youth - so we push on! God reminding me through B that we are his anointed - (we are ALL his anointed!) and that we are exactly where God wants us to be. Can you say that about your life today? Are you exactly where God wants you? IF NOT - seek and MOVE! There is nothing like knowing that you are all God is calling you to be today!

M - well, I'm here! I have wanted to write for a long time. But sometimes, writing is not quite the right thing to do! There are times that there are things better left unsaid. Better left unfelt too if you ask me! But I didn't get asked - so I wait on GOD - not MAN! I have to say, that God has been working overtime to encourage me lately. From friends with kind words - to books that give such insight - to even being offered a few jobs that although it's not the right time to take them - it was such a self esteem booster to be asked!!! Do you know what I mean? Sometimes - as a sahm (stay-at-home-mom) (well - if you read earlier - I have been that and more recently!!!) one can begin to feel that the world forgot that you too went to college. You too were trained - and you too have held some jobs that were more than starter positions! It can sometimes feel (like when pre-admitting your baby for eartubes at the hospital and they comment that all you do is stay home?!!!!) that you got lost in the shuffle! Not that is has been a CHOICE for your FAMILY! ha! Well - we gals know that we chooooose this and that we could be working - if we were called to do that! God is GOOD! It's not on man's approval that we base our actions - but on obedience to our LORD.

PS. My daddy taught me years ago that obedience means -
"Doing what you are told to do, when you are told to do it, with the right heart attitude".

IF you don't do all three - than you are not truly obedient.

Well, we are called to be obedient to God, to those in authority over us, and to our spiritual leaders. It is such a FREEDOM to walk in obedience! For my girls - I see them grow and find joy in the safety of their obedience - and for me and B - I see the same as we walk in God's hands!

Are you obedient today? Oh! I think I have found my title!