23 January 2011

New Year, New Adventures!! An Update from the Easleys

It’s Sunday afternoon, January 23.  We’ve just finished up our last Sunday in pastoral ministry at Lakewood Bible Fellowship.    In the days to come, Brad will also transition out of his role of academy principal.   Meg, the school art teacher, has finished up her classes this past week.

We've been at Lakewood since 2007, and made the decision to resign after several weeks of praying and thinking, and asking three key questions:

1.    What is best for the Easleys?
2.    What is best for Lakewood?
3.    What new opportunities has God opened up for us in recent months?

What is best for the Easleys?   As our family grows, so do the ministry demands we feel upon us.  This is our tenth year of ministry (and marriage!) and there are days we definitely feel the mileage!  We want our girls to see ministry as a calling, a privilege, a life worth pursuing, and to do so, we are careful to ensure that vocational ministry leaves a pleasing taste in their mouths.  So, sometimes, taking a break to clear the cobwebs can be the best thing for a family.    

What is best for Lakewood?  We’ve come to love the people of Lakewood – both church and school – and have delighted in being a part of Lakewood's ministry.  We have done our best to lead, to challenge, to help grow.  The church and school have faced difficult changes in recent years, changes that have taken its toll on both leadership and members alike.    Ultimately, we recognize that we are but one tool among many that God uses to build His church.  “To everything there is a season…” and the last thing we want us to stay here beyond our season.   What’s best for Lakewood is fresh leadership who can help her move to the next level.

What new opportunities has God opened for us?    Well, the first opportunity is a trans-state relocation to to central Kentucky.  This is where we met and courted, and have always dreamed of returning to!    While in Kentucky, we have several exciting options we’ll share about in upcoming posts (sshhh …. its a secret!)  

Finally, some exciting news!  On Friday, January 14th, 2011, we finalized our adoption of Josanna Lynn!   She's been a part of our family since her birth on March 22, 2009, and (to understate things) has more energy than a supernova with a sugar high.  She's a delight beyond words (as is her sister, Emma) and we're amazed at how God brought her to our family!       


Love and prayers and and tears of everthingness. HUGS!