11 November 2005

Fun with needles.

Got our flu shots today. Sure did hurt. But not as bad as yesterday, when we (Brad and Meg) had to have blood drawn for a physical. The lady came to our house (it's for life insurance application) and did the med exam for both of us. I (Brad) knew what was coming, and I wasn't looking forward to a screwdriver-sized needle being jammed into my veins. I tried to be brave, but turned green, nearly fainted, and started sweating profusely. And then she stuck the needle in, and I felt even worse. Apparently I had a vasovagal reaction - who knew? Some folks can handle the needle, some can't. I can't. No shame in admitting that. But today I got the flu vaccine, and did fine. Probably because it was in the bicep and not in the vein.

The things you learn in the course of a day.


sheesh... How did I marry into this needle avoiding family? Are you all wimps? ;)

It was pretty weird having Brad flop out on the table. Emma was a little unnerved. She held his hand and kept asking if Daddy was ok. Poor girl!

Miss you kiki. Excited about your big day!