26 November 2005

Go west, young man.

Well, the news is finally out.

Our days in beautiful West Virginia have drawn to a close, and God is leading us westward. Texas, to be precise. The land of big hair, slow talk, and tasty barbecue. I (Brad) received an invitation from a church in northeast Texas to come as Pastor of Worship & Arts. We visited several weeks ago - had a grand time - and felt oh so definately that God was directing us to go. We announced to our church this past week, and yes, that was painful. The ones who love and support us are glad for us but discouraged for the church. They felt (somewhat correctly) that the church didn't give us the support we needed, and frankly, they weren't too surprised to see us go.

I have to trust the Lord on this one, and not myself. Sure, it's been hard at times. Difficult beyond words, even. But we don't leave when it's hard, only when we're released.

Christmas Day will be our last here. There are multitudenous details to attend to: buying a house! getting packed up! adoption stuff! We need prayer, guidance, wisdom, advice, et al so greatly now! But God is SO faithful - what He started, He will most certainly bring to completion!


I love you and I proud of you guys.

Welcome to Texas cuz...it'll be great to have you close(er)

You have been obedient and faithful to your calling in West Virginia. The Lord has released you and placed another calling, to Texas (better be careful about that "big hair" stuff -- remember that Granma GG is a Tejana) and another sort of ministry. Your faithfulness is inspiring to us, and we're proud of all of you, or of y'all.
Go Cowboys. (Sorry, Miles)
Love, Granma GG and Papa J

hey guys - i mean ""you all""!! it will be great to have you in Texas! i have been here longer than i have lived anywhere now --so i guess i am a Texan now and i say "welcome" (and watch the big hair commnet - where have you been??)

i will wait til after you move to send little bit's present - since i waited so long to do it... remember to send me you new address

love- melody smith wong