04 March 2006

Tonight! Most recent pics....

A little earlier. The darker paint is the primer.

Looking good! The only cabinet left on the upper side here is above the fridge!
Brad is doing a GREAT job! I have a jewel of a husband!!!!


Wow! It is looking GREAT! If we ever get to move and redo a kitchen, you'll have to come for a kitchen holiday! :)

Ok... these pics were great and all... stories are interesting, sure...
but all I really want to know what kind of skeleton that was.

we did that last weekend! except it wasnt with cabinets, it was with dowel rods and mesh...and the only skeletons we found were those of crickets! we WOULD do the kitchen but uh, anna arvin wouldnt be too happy. =) looks great though, guys!

-kiki and david

Josh - I think it was a mouse.