10 March 2006

Ok, so I'm hacking away at some wire for my oven - a big, fat 220-volt triple-stranded cable. The stuff that pros cut with a hacksaw. And wouldn't you know it, my knee jumped in front of my knife! No lie. At first I thought I had just knicked my pants, but as a stream of blood oozed down my shinbone I sensed that perhaps more than brown denim had suffered. I looked, and my suspicions were confirmed. The skin and underlying tissue had split open like a rotten banana, and I could see the patela (knee cap) and various muscles slishing around underneath. When I flexed my leg, I could here a squishing sound as the subcutaneous fluid forced air out. It was - by far - the coolest thing that happened that day. And four stitches, too! Feel my pain! Posted by Picasa