04 March 2006

Update in the Easley house!

So we are many days behind on blogging. We are having technical problems with our cable line! It is on, off, on, off, on and off again. Made worse by the fact that our phone goes through the modem, we are off line and out of touch! Sorry to all who have tried and not been able to get through. The IT guys from the cable company can not seem to get it together enough to fix the problem. GRRRrrrrr... Oh well! We will take what we can get and hopefully they will fix it this next week!

What's been going on in our lives? Well it seems that we are into more self punishment (remember recent events like, oh say, the move, buying the house, the sewer, the car, buying a car - flying across country to get said car) we have decided to renovate our new kitchen into a newer kitchen.

I thought that we should apprise you of our on goings. Tough. That's about it! We actually ordered the cabinets for the kitchen the morning (4 hours before actually) that the old car died. Probably wouldn't have ordered those cabinets had we known! But once ordered we are committed - in a way I (Meg) am sure glad!

I have a number of photos to post - but a warning, a few are of a graphic nature. Meg's head and heart will never be the same.

Thanks for reading our humble little blog. Our life is open to your comments!