04 March 2006

Coming along!

Today Brad and I prepped the walls and painted. We actually got most of the upper cabinets hung! YEAH! Looks great. Emma is being such a trooper – she hasn’t gotten into anything she isn’t supposed to – good thing. It’s hard to find a place high above a three year-olds reach in this mess!

I should have taken a few more pics tonight. It was our Pastor’s birthday and we had them (Tim and Vicky) stop by with another sweet sweet couple (Ronnie and Suzanne) for coffee – they even brought a Chocolate Cream pie! WOW. Anyway, thought those of you who know how much we love to entertain would laugh that even in the midst of our mess we loved having fellowship and friends in our home. Thank you Jesus for giving us a place where people can come! May our house be a house of peace and inviting for those in need! Here are a few pics of how it looks tonight!