19 November 2008

Starbucks - here I come, for more than just coffee!

A number of years ago, I found out an important fact. When friends find out you like something - that's what they give you! And give you, and give you.... SO you better realllllly like something before you EVER mention it! Well, that's been great for me because I LOVE tea and coffee. Brad and I are pretty much known for our hot beverage consumption. But what if you liked, say, potatoes. Would you want a house full of potato shaped and flavored things? No? Well then, watch what you let slip!

I on the other hand have enjoyed years of consuming bliss thanks to friends who have (literally) given me tea and coffee from around the world! I have enjoyed tea from Ireland (Dana!), Africa(Deedee), England(Deedee) and beyond! So, when in need of emotional soothing, where do I go? Not your local bar - nope - not alcohol for Meg. But Starbucks? Well, yes, I do pay for emotional soothing in some ways. When tired but have a meeting? Well, their blueberry tea (or passion flavor) hits the spot. Need a pick up on a hot day? Iced doubleshoot for me! Then, when just running through? A regular pike place always works for me! So, thanks to all my friends who have supported my addiction over the years! My countless Starbucks cards - from birthdays, "thank you" gifts, pastor appreciation month (GREAT MONTH!!!), and so on! We sure have loved it!

But today starts a new era.

Today I begin as an employee. Why you ask? Didn't you go to college, you ask? Yes, Yes....

BUT - here's the truth - ART doesn't pay benefits. Sad, but true. AND Broadcasting has crummy hours. I am a mom. That's the heart of what I am. A mom - who isn't willing to work the morning shows and drive time hours to use her degree - at least not right now. I want to be there when Emma gets out of school and goes to bed! Now, many of you do work - and you work hard! It's great, but not for me. We work hard at our church. It takes up a lot of our time, and so it should. That's our family calling! BUT for me - I am a mom.

So, when we found out that insurance companies HATE me, I began to pray. Pray, and pray, and pray. Because, who wants to go OFF insurance when you know they won't want you back? Well, the economy isn't helping, and the coast has been hit, so I suppose the companies are a little jumpy. It's understandable, just not so great for me.

But then, I found out - Starbucks could use me. WHAT? Me? Of course! I drink, I buy, but I also love to know! I enjoy people - wait, that's not enough.... I LOVE people. My favorite college job was waiting tables! Good ol' Shakertown.... Anyway, Brad and I prayed, and then I went in for the interview. That's been a while now, but today is the day.

I begin. Begin to work again. It's been a few years since I had a "boss". Teaching kids art classes was a breeze compared to answering to dozens of caffeine seeking addicts. So today I start a fresh goal. To work part time for insurance. The cool part? When I finally get the insurance, it will be the day I can get glasses. I will be able to ski without fear of insurance nightmares!

So, to Starbucks I go!


Congratulations on the new job. What a great place for someone that loves their java.