10 October 2008

My little fire cheif!

Family Time!
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I am working on loading pictures on the web so that family can see the pictures that just sit in files on my computer. I came across this one tonight. It was taken several years ago on an afternoon where just Mommie-Meg and Emmi were together eating lunch. She had visited the fire trucks at preschool that day and made her own hat. I looked up at one point and knew this would be a memory I would want to keep forever.

Funny how at the time after noons went so slow. Get Emmi at noon, come home, eat lunch, put her down for the much needed afternoon nap. Have a snack ready by 3:30 or 4:00. I know she is only a couple years older now - but in some ways she is infinitely older. It's hard to remember her calling corn popcorn. Or her little lisp. But she still has those same big brown eyes - now just behind little glasses.

Well, this is a kick in the tush for me, and my friends who are moms. Make those memories stick! They come so fast, so furious, and leave just as fast.

I am going to go kiss my little fire chief on the forehead, even if she is fast asleep! Love to all,