23 January 2009

25 Random things about ME

Well, are you on face book? Most likely if you are reading this, you are. Well, have you gotten a "25 random things about ..." yet? Well, I have gotten several. Supposedly if you get one you are supposed to make one and then send it back out to 25 people, including the one that sent it to you! Well, on face book you can only send to 20 people at one time. I thought, YOUR KIDDING ME... I am going to go to all this work and only send it to 20 people? No way. I figured if I am going to share my 25 random things, than I might as well send it out to the world. To read. To judge. Especially to judge... We all judge, so go ahead. Read on, and let's see what your random things are!

25 Random things about ME

1. I love my initials, ME…. (Meghann Easley). It was one of the favorite things about getting married to an Easley. I always did sign cards and letters “me” - then it just became legitimate!
2. I collect e’s. Leslie, my sister, often gives me awesome ones. It’s dangerous to let people know you collect something. I should know, I used to collect tea’s and tea pots. But then people found out, and I ran out of space!
3. I love mysteries. Especially Agatha Christi’s Hercule Poirot. I love them so much that I get ready in the mornings to book’s on cd. I listen as I drive. I carry around a cd player – if I am into a really good one. It’s sad, I know…. But I like TALK much better than most music. So, I listen to books on tape a whole lot…
4. When not listening to books on tape, I love to listen to NPR. (National Public Radio) You just have to have a mental filter because they are REALLY liberal. But I still love them. Louisiana has one of the WORST stations EVER. I know, I’ve moved around a whole lot! It makes me miss “Car Talk”.
5. I am impatient. I think most friends are probably shocked that I am a mom. I am REALLY impatient. I hate lines – especially to check out somewhere. Poor Brad. I always leave him in them. I just CAN”T stand just hanging there….
6. I always said I would never work in radio. Then I did, now I don’t. Now I can’t believe that I actually miss it! I really loved what I did – I just didn’t know that I did!
7. I hate most candy and don’t crave sweets. BUT then there is really good dark chocolate and I make up for it. I really just don’t like a whole lot of sweet stuff….
8. Shocking to most people would be that I would drink tea just as much as I would a cup of coffee. SO that let’s you know how much I really drink during the day. It’s a whole lot. BUT anymore it’s unsweet ice tea. From McDonalds. Here in Lake Charles it’s the best I have found. Sweet tea messes with my blood sugar and I am sure I would start gaining weight!
9. I hate putting on makeup and doing hair. But hey, what girl wants’ to primp every day? I would rather just go ride a horse.
10. I used to teach horseback riding. Sigh….
11. I love camping and fishing more than Brad. Old school is my favorite. Tent, ground, dirt. Lots of dirt….
12. I love to ski – not for the speed but because it is AMAZING to stand and look out across what God has created! I liked being really good so that you could go onto parts of the mountain that has LESS people.
13. My dad is an archaeologist. I grew up a science nerd and would love to be a forensic anthropologist. I love dead things. Blood doesn’t bother me (as long as it’s not fresh on my daughter!)
14. I have a phobia about crickets. They jump – they are unpredictable – and they have an exoskeleton – that looks a bit like a roach. I had never seen a roach until I moved to Mississippi. IT was a BAD day… suddenly I had two phobia’s.
15. I love to play tennis… but not in the hot hot sun.
16. I had a soccer scholarship in college, but never played on the team. They let me keep the scholarship though! (Had hand burn before I could play!)
17. I am shy. It takes a whole lot of work to be outgoing and talk to people! Thanks to those of you who talked to me first!
18. I dream of getting an MFA. Master of Fine Arts… or going back to medical school! I used to want to be a medical illustrator – not anymore!
19. My middle name is Nolan. It’s my mom’s maiden name. I always wanted that to be my first name.
20. I hate heat. I love snow. I like cold. I love mountains. BUT God is bigger than my innate sense of what I like. SO I love air-conditioning. We didn’t have that growing up, my parents still don’t. You don’t need it at home!
21. I want to visit Greece. I will stand up on the hillside and look out at the white washed homes above the blue water. I will!
22. ANYTHING repetitive bugs me. Songs that repeat. Ticking of clocks. Buzzing of lights. Music on electronic toy. Did I mention music on electronic toys? ESPECIALLY Emma’s singing Barbie. She loves to push the button again, again, and again! But I really try not to complain. Really…
23. I want a ton of kids. I would love a house full! Well, that’s what I say right now!
24. I don’t like to own things. I had a panic attack when we bought our washing machine. I would really like to own very little and live on the mission field! I believe that one day we will live overseas for a while!
25. I’m addicted to chewing gum. I think I have a hand’s and mouth addiction. So I try to chew gum or drink something without calories. I seem to neeeeed something to chew on or sip!
26. PHEW! This was harder than one would think! I am GLAD it’s over!


I love your 25, er 26, things!

If you like mysteries--have you read Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey series? She wrote about the same time as Agatha Christy. You will fall in love!!