30 May 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

What's so great about America? So many things - but one of them is good old fashioned freedom. Freedom to push your product, service, or thought and ring from the hiltops! Well I am looking for a way to gain from this freedom too! Brad and I LOVE free stuff. Ever heard him preach on a Sunday? He loves to get free stuff. Our tv, ipod, and phones have been free - so let's try for something more! Will you please help me get some free help for Josie?

Well, if you finished listening to his sermons you would realize that nothing is ever really free, and neither is this. For me to win some GREAT things for Josie, I have to work and try to get as many people to follow me on Twitter through the month of June. Now, the people through the contest (slingandswaddlejourney.com) chose me and 29 other moms to twitter about our lives, our frustrations, and our joy - and our chance to use some product by these manufactures. (See? Nothings really free) BUT if I can get the most followers than I might win some GREAT stuff - and we need it! I want a rocking chair pretty bad - and this might be my ticket! So, will you follow me? Who knows, this might make it into a sermon - or not....

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Love your blog. And guess what? I have a rocking chair you may have if you still need one. Give me a call at 337-990-3673. I live in Lake Charles, not far from McNeese U. I'm not in the phone book since I divorced AT&T & only have my cell.

I'm on FB & Twitter. Known as "harvestworker" on T. If you need to check me out further, just Google my real name.

Pat Marcantel