03 October 2008

Meg answers your questions....

This is for all who are wondering - where are all the posts since 2005?

Let me answer this for you - they have been saved and closed. Brad and I decided that as Emma was getting a little older, and as we have moved a number of times. There was as excessive amount of personal history floating on those pages. Memorable to us, but also stuff that we wouldn't want to come and bite us in the bOhInnie! (Sound it out - out loud!) So, Meg (Your dear moderator) decided to leave those years behind and start again. Unfortunately that means that we have to write regularly - which doesn't always happen. But we do try to keep up with everyone! IF you read this and wonder how else you can get more regular information on us, perhaps you should try emailing us. Or feel free to check out our facebook pages! ANYWAY, thank you for reading and for taking part in the past number of years with us on blogspt. We have enjoyed reading those entries - we just need them to not be open to everyone and their big sister!

IF you really want to read them, you may email meg and she can give you the information as how to retreave them. Of course, she does maintain the right to decide who might be allowed in!