30 June 2005


Been a few days since the last post. Sorry. Being mommy and daddy is incredibly demanding. Did I say she was low-maintenance? Foolish boy....

Our church threw Emma a party - how delightful! It was a Hawaiian luau theme - so much fun! Considering how unpopular we can be with some factions of the church, there were a LOT of people there! Emma, of course, absorbed the attention like a sponge, and opened each gift quite unashamedly. Gifts included: some noisy leapfrog thingie, a doll that looks eerily real, enough clothes for quintuplet, gardening stuff (nice touch), an incredible handmade ABC quilt (see pic), and lots of other sundries. And cash. Which is always good. (And still welcome, by the way. Checks too. Send 'em on.)

This week I (Dad) have been staying at home. Very demanding. Very very demanding. Just how LONG can one little girl want to swing? Hours. And hours. But I love it all.

Meg's last day was today. That will be a blow to the ol' piggy bank, but Daddy simply needs to give more time to the church work. So all will work out in God's perfect timing. Blessings to all.



good to hear a bit about how things are going.
Aren't children a lesson all by themselves?

Proud to see how you guys are doing at this.