05 June 2005

Our first weekend.

It's Sunday, and our little girl just had her bath. We went to church this evening. She must have thought she was the queen of France, the way she pranced around and mad herself quite at home. In the middle of my sermon, she gasped and pointed and said, "It's DADDY!". Of course no one was paying attention to me for the rest of the evening.

She's so resilient and softly independent. She's not overly eager to please, and seems content to simply be who she is. She's not clingy and overtly dependant, yet wants to stay connected and feel affirmed. When I was at church this morning (they were home), she kept asking, "Where's Daddy? Where's Daddy?"

It's hard to know what a 2.5 year old is thinking......maybe she thinks we're just babysitting, and soon real Mommy and Daddy will be back. Maybe she thinks we're all one big family now. Maybe she's been so passed around that she attaches quite comfortably to whomever she's with.

Today the foster family left for the hotel about 2 p, while she was napping. They won't be back until tomorrow morning. She hasn't asked about at all since they left. She awoke from her nap, ran in and woke up Mommy Meg, and proceeded to play on the floor until dinner. We had scrambled eggs. She's a lazy eater - doesn't like to feed herself, nor to chew for any prolonged period of time. She prefers things that she can swallow immediately. We'll have to work on that. Her foster family has done WONDERS with her dietary behavior: absolutely NO sugar or sweets, no sodas, only water, milk, and juice. She has become a very careful but amiable eater, and even tries to clean up what small messes she makes. (I hope this isn't signs of OCD. Hmm..)

Tonight we went to church. Suffice it to say, Meg and I were VERY nervous, this being the culminating visit to months and months of talking about her at the church. We walked into a sea of eyes and grins, cooing voices, and countless versions of the inevitable question: "Is this her?" I wanted to say, "No, she's still in the shop, but this is a loaner. Cute, huh?"

She did well at church. Sat through most of the songs. Colored and played during the sermon (like some of the older folks). Followed around her new friends. Couldn't quite decide if this whole place was fun or really uncomfortable. I know the feeling. During the service, she was struggling to find a comfortable place on the pew to color with her markers. Meg, in her maternal wisdom, suggested that she "roll over and color on her tummy", meaning lay down longways on the pew. A few moments later, our little girl finally decided to try Mommy's suggestion, so she pulled up her shirt and proceeded to color her belly with markers!

So an eventful day. Tomorrow we're going to the park. She's been asking about it all day. This child can go down the slide until her butt turns red, and still keep going. Quite the athlete.

Goodnight all.


We're so thrilled for you guys... I know you're going to be great parents!

Wow!!! What exciting news! How old is Emma? She does look like a doll baby! Hope to get to meet her at the family reunion this summer!

awww...so sweet I wish she could play with my 3. Can't wait to meet her!

The colored-on-her-tummy story is way past precious. You have your hands FULL -- maybe you know think you know that, but you have NO idea.