07 June 2005

We're stuck now....

I'ts a weird feeling. Sort of like when you make a big purchase and they give you a receipt. I'm stuck now. Ready or not, I'm a parent.

We had japanese hibachi tonight, and she came alive at all the sights and smells, the whizzing knives and flashing fire. Check out the picture!

The foster family left tonight after the coconut cream pie. I'd thought they'd want to come by in the morning for coffee, but no, they said, tonight was it. Last goodbyes. Last hugs. Foster mom fell apart, as did Meggie mom. Little girl didn't know what to make of everything. I think she knows what's going on, though. She's way too smart. She knows a heck of a lot more than she lets on.

How can a two-year-old be so darn intimidating?