12 February 2008

and we live on....

Well, I hate to admit it - it really bugs me! BUT life is moving on. Yes - Emma has her first loosth (that's how it sounds when she says it) tooth. I knew it would happen - another kid in her class just lost their first. But my baby? Ok folks - let's go back in time....

2000 - Brad and Meg had just gotten married. We were happy - blisfull - (ok, just hang with me for a moment) and then... we had to buy a washing machine! My parents had lovingly given us their "old" machine and we had plenty of money (thanks to the support of generous donations to our marriage fund) - so what was the problem? MEG. Yep, that's it, I HATE to buys and own things - (now that doesn't include clothes and shoes....) and we had to buy one. IT was big - heavy and couldn't fit in my little 1986 Cavilier! I nearly had a panic attack in Sears.

What does this have to do with Emma's tooth? I just hate those event's - the ones that are big "events" or "firsts" or well, "momentous". In twoyears I will not care when a tooth comes loose. But right now it is the ripping out of my heart that Emma's FIRST tooth is loose.... ugg. Grow up Meg!

Am I the only one who goes through these quakes? Naa, I doubt it - but I am planning on taking her to get photos taken on Sat!