15 February 2008

New Mexico Thoughts...

I was wasting time this morning. I admit it! I was goofing off on facebook and looking at groups. I came across some that were talking about being from NM, but not living there now. It made me remember some occurances that I have had. I thought I would share my thoughts here:

I was the fifth generation to grow up on my family's land in Taos - needless to say I don't have and eastern or southern accent! Actually I don't have much of anything - which seems to draw attention from people when I travel. Of course, when I call home, my parents tease me about picking up a southern twange...

Brad and I have moved quite about around out east and in the south. When we have been traveling out east I have been asked numerous times if have needed a passport to fly out. Even when I am asked where I am from (because of the lack of accent) I am then asked if I have to have a VISA to move out east! Also have been asked if it was hard to exchange my money. I don't even know what to say anymore. Sigh...

It always get's me because if someone tells me that they are from New England, I don't ask what's new about it or how was the flight over the ocean! Now, it's true. This really did happen! So, not that I don't love all of my friends and family from around the US, we just need to make sure our kids know all 50 states! :)

This was the post that made me start to think. (Dad, this will tickle you!)

You know you are from New Mexico when:
You're still secretly afraid of the ditch witch.
You've been on a balloon chase crew.
Most of the people you know have security clearances.
You have more than one relative who can't talk about their job.
You feel claustrophobic if you can't see the horizon.
You know where to park to get the best view of a lightening storm.
You have a story about a balloon landing in your backyard/playground/etc.
Celebrity spotting .
You remember when Coronado was the cool mall.
You have 8 zillion photos of sunsets, and they're all beautiful.

To read more : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2217708865

So, although I am excited about where God has taken me - boy do I miss home!