18 February 2008

Prayer in Ministry


The following is an email I sent out this evening. Some of you may have recieved this all ready. Some of you may not. It is for this reason that I am adding this right now! There is a possibility that somehow we may have lost your email address and you do not recieve our email updates. They are not the same (usually!) as the blog - so we want to make this available to all who want them or are wanting to join in prayer with us for minstry work! If you would like to recieve these emails, please email me and let me know! Thanks!!


Well, Hello all!

Ok, so as I got reprimanded by our esteemed youth pastor, I feel as though I should send out a clarification! I suppose some may have taken my writings as a forewarning as to another move. Let me make this clear, until little green men come and pack my house for me NOTHING will make me move again EXCEPT the voice of the Lord! Even the green men (singing all the way) would have had to build me a custom house with separate shower and bath. Oh, and a walk-in-closet! SO, do we all understand each other? Meg and Brad are VERY happy with our new found church family! How's that dear youth dude? ;)

As I have become addicted to playing with our website (easleypark.net), it occurs to me that I may be missing out on some of our friends blogs and websites! (As in the Ranous' - we don't know your url anymore!). SO if you have a blog, website, or interesting updatable page (face book - or something) we would love to have it! We really enjoy reading about your lives and keeping up on the on goings of our friends! Would you please email the links? THANKS!

This week Brad is gearing up for Vision Sunday at the Church. Matt, you call it ttate of the church address, I believe. What ever it is called, it is casting the vision for the next year. There has been much building of anticipation and excitement. Would you join with me in prayer for Brad and I as we minister in this dear church? We are finding such joy in our involvement here! It is fascinating to find unexpected ministry moments - for example, we joined a gym. Apparently a popular place and one that we have had a great chance to get to know some of our people on a deeper level!

I too am finding myself being drawn into a deeper calling with Christ. Along with that comes not fear, but a since of awe as we see God use us in ways we know we are totally unworthy of being used - if it wasn't for the Spirit working in and through us! I am amazed, no, more like humbled that we are allowed to be given such a responsibility. I find myself praying for tenderness to the voice of the Lord. Without my ear to his heart I would really screw up! Alone I am selfish, emotional, flighty, unreliable, and tire easily. Though HIM I have found myself working outside these personal struggle areas and am amazed! I sometimes sit back (inside my head) and say, hey, is that YOU doing that? Is that YOU having that energy? And then I say; No, it's not, it GOD using me - so scoot on over Meg, let him in! It's His time to man the controls!

Well, not to take up too much of your time. I hope you can tell we are excited about Lakewood! AND we want to be excited about you! SO please remember to email us your links!

Our love,
Meg and Brad