12 February 2008

Back From the Dead!

Well, we are trying to get up and running, but I am having trouble with something called an rss feed for my blog - don't ask - I am already confused! We shall see.... It took way too long to get this working, but now the idea is that instead of going to the blogspot site you will just come here and it will be here! Very handy - indeed!

I am glad that we finally are trying to be back and active and will (I am sure) have some interesting things to grumble about or rejoice over!

Hey, have you ever heard of BzzAgent? I hadn't either until my mum-in-law got me going, I love it! You sign up for free and then fill out some questionnaires and you test products for them. So far I have received free items such as household cleaners, and a Sonicare toothbrush sanitizer.My latest product is some multi-purpose cleaning wipes and duster from Pledge. I really like these new products. The wipes will work on metal, wood, glass, and electronics - I found Brad cleaning the computer one day! They really do work on all four! We have stainless steel in the kitchen and Emma helps that look really pretty (not all of it is non-showing for fingerprints- thank goodness the fridge is) but these work great on their as well as dusting my living room, the bathroom mirror, and my computer! Ok, so that is my suggestion of the day - a time saver, one product - many areas of the house!

Emma got her first "yellow" light in school today. She works hard at only having green lights - well, we sat for over half-an-hour in the car as she poured her little heart out in tears and trying to tell me about it. Growing up is hard to do! But she is doing it so well and so fast! I have a hard time believing she is five and reading!
Well, will go now -
love to all!