14 December 2009

My thoughts, my thanks...

Dear friends, Dear all, Dear world.

Infertility is not fair.  It hurts - it's black.  It's flat black dull cheap spray paint that covers you - but it's not you.  People have written, more than I had known who were affected by the darkness and the lies of infertility.  Statistics tell us we are not alone.  Apparent reality screams otherwise.  So we, alone, hide - thinking we know that the stats are lies, that we are really alone.  Isolated by our fears, pain, and unfair disadvantage everyone else seems to have overcome.  We have to answer questions no one else does. 

Yes, we know what causes children. 
Yes, he has been tested.
No, he is just fine.
Yes, I have been tested, poked, prodded...
Yes, I have heard of that too.

Thank you for your concern.  
And actually, thank you for asking, because so many don't.

Dear friends, I was surprised to see the pain in your hearts too.  The ability to connect and to understand each other.  It's profound.  We didn't ask for this.  We didn't do anything to choose it.  

Thank you for your writings and your encouragement.  I find healing in your words.  Our honesty can and does help.  Thank you for listening to mine.  Now, go bake some holiday cookies - but don't forget to still keep up the exercise! All in balance! 


hi meghann - came across your blog via someone on facebook, not sure who. You don't know me, but I was a year behind (or maybe 2?) Brad at Asbury. I have worked in infertility for six years and it is truly my calling. I even left for a while to teach (nursing) but had to return because I needed to be there. Before I worked in infertility, i guess it never really crossed my mind...you're so right, nobody talks about it. It's so intimate, seems so invasive to ask. i have a heart for the couples I work with and know that I am exactly where God wants me. All of that said, I know it's hard and often particularly difficult this time of year (even though you have a built your family thru adoption, people probably still ask questions I would imagine...). wish much peace for you & yours.