01 December 2009

tadpoles, butterflies, yeast and dreams of Tuscani....

Jo just dropped her bottle again - that makes three times.  I don't pick up anything more than twice - (wait - kitchen timer just went off, I'll be right back!)  wow... honestly, it's fourty min later - really right back huh?

I used to be an avid journalier.  I have boxes of them from the time I could write.  My first (that I remember) was a hello kitty journal that locked! It locked and only I had the key - so very very cool.  I got it for being brave when a mole was removed off the end of my nose.  Yep, had it not been for that journal, I would have a witch mole (probably a hair too!) coming out of the tip of this button beauty!  ;)

All this to say, after we had our kitchen fire in 2001 (long story - God heals!) My right hand was damaged - and after a year or so of the compression gloves and therapy I had a working hand.  BUT my writing was a different story.  It ended.  I couldn't hold a pencil for more than a few seconds - that lasted years.  Even now I just can't write and flow like I once did.  SO I suppose I found a new idea - blogging! I began blogging somwhere around 2003 or so.  That was the first easleypark.blogspot.com - it has been locked down and is no longer in service.   I decided too much of Emma's adoption information was available for the world to see - so I opened this current page.  AND THEN I FOUND MYSPACE.... life goes on... facebook arives (mywhat?)... I am sucked into the facebook world.  BUT something is missing.  Something is just not right... oh! I am not journaling.

See, I guess I don't care who all reads this, I don't write it for others.  Let's call this Meg's personal therapy.  SO why (in the past couple years) have I just quite processing through word?  I don't know.  What I do know is right now I need it.  I need to talk - but not out loud.  My brain needs to process....

Feel free to process with me.

Feel free to call me nuts...

BUT if His eye is on the sparow - that my words, my thoughts, my heart means so much to HIM - I need to process in order to be a better mom, wife, friend...

ALL THIS TO SAY - IF my ramblings bug you, please don't feel forced to read - ignore me.  I will process anyway.

SO onto today's processing - oh wait, I already did! Wow... that feels great.  Thanks!


I LOVE your processing! I want to be a journal-er but I'm just so NOT good with words. Everything comes out all jumbled in piles...you know, kinda like the letters falling off the tree in that one kids book? (I can't remember the name of it..how strange!) Oh, yea, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom maybe?

I'm maybe deeper in your mind than I ever though comfortable.. Though, there's plenty of room in here to relax, and I must say the furniture is fabulous.. I love you.. process away..