14 December 2009

Self and disclosure. Not the same. (Bizcochito recipe enclosed!)

Tonight I watched Julie and Julia with Brad.  Minus a few moments of pausing *drinks, popcorn, oil pulling* I was mesmerized.  It left me feeling better about myself as a woman, a wife, a cook, and more in love with my husband than before.  Brad loves to cook.  He is a momma's boy - Dianne - you created a great one here! He loves his Momma, he loves his wife, and he loves to cook.  But he doesn't do all the cooking, doesn't want to do all the planning, he wants to create wonders - such as his latest - the perfect carrot cake.  It was divine - I continue to wear it evenly on both sides...

But he doesn't do the whole regularly scheduled program thing so well.  Neither have I.  Until last year at some point when I felt - led - ohh ok, condemned really... But led to better myself and my family by meal planning.  And, for the most part, I have drastically improved in this arena.

I still enjoy the nights he gets inspired.  And who knows what will stem out of this evening.  I have a feeling we will be learning to debone a duck soon.  But  if it's with B, than all will be well and tasty too!  So thank you Dianne for passing on your love of cooking to your boy.  My boy too now, a treasure for sshissle!

Ok, enough sap...  heh heh!

I am prepping for an open house this next weekend.  Began with my dear sister Leslie's perfect recipe for cream cheese cut out cookies.  Emma and I started (while we lived in WV) to have a yearly time for decorating our CCCC (Cream Cheese Cutout Cookies).  She now expects it! So I have prepped much dough and it will be ready for her when she comes home from school tomorrow.

I believe I will prep some more Bizcochito dough also!  I am not sure what else we will have yet.  In the past I think I did a bit too much.  How about better quality, less quantity?  Perhaps one or two more types of cookies and then the salt.  Hmmm homemade salsa?

Well, it's late.  I need my sleep - Josie waits for no one!

The following is the promised recipe. It is taken from a prized out of print little book that my Grandmother gave my Mother on the occasion of her engagement to her son, and my mother gave to me as I was leaving NM for college.  Little did I know that this would keep me going far after those cold Kentucky days!  It is my source for chili (true chili) and more... Thank you Mum!

Bizcochitos (Cookies)
1 c. sugar
2 c. lard (not for meg – I use butter! I think margarine would work too)
1 t. anise seed (I crush it some first)
2 eggs
6 c. sifted flour
3 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1.4 c. water
Cream lard (or…) thoroughly; add sugar and anise seed.  Mix until fluffy!  Beat eggs and add to lard mixture.  Blend until light and fluffy.  Sift flour with baking powder and salt and add to first mixture.  Add water and knead until well mixed.  Roll ½ inch thick and cut into fancy shapes.  Roll top of each cookie in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.  (1 t. cinnamon to ½ c. sugar.) Bake in a moderate oven…. (HAHA had to leave that in there, that is actually what my book says.  I have figured out that here 375 works well, for until they look a bit raised and (like a good biscuit)  but not really brown.